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3 Missions

Garnish studios

The Garnish Studios mission is to level the playing field in food & beverage by helping new businesses find their footing in the era of content. We re-invest the capital from venture-backed gigs into growing mom & pop companies by providing our creative services.

Garnish labs

The Garnish Labs mission is to invest, empower, and take part in growing local food brands. Through consultancy, R&D, and content creation, we get startups looking shelf-ready to compete with national brands. Through our network of co-packers and CPG veterans we find ways to help make your products come to life.

Garnish Mag

The Garnish Mag mission is to diversify food media and create a world where everyone has a seat at the table. Examining food as a cultural vehicle, we elevate the voices of untold stories right from their own kitchens.


Thi Q. Lam

My history and dedication to food & beverage is a not-so-linear story of a creative freelancer turned sparkling-coffee-startup-founder turned creative-agency-owner. It’s been a wild ride but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

It all began with an entry level position at a branding agency in Brooklyn, NY. It was me, a soda stream, a brick of Bustelo coffee, and a bag of tangerines 🍊. That random assortment of grocery items changed my life forever, as it was the beginning of my first startup: Keepers.

We had little to no experience in the CPG world. We were good at branding, and we were experts in unapologetically asking for help. With those two guiding premises we scaled our product into 50+ Whole Foods and local NY grocery stores, and eventually, we’d be featured in Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, CNN, and the Washington Post. 

That stuff, although exciting and cool, doesn't really matter to me. The real value I found in that experience was the relationships built within the food world. I'm happy to have met wonderful founders, VC's, co-packers, and restaurateurs that have moved me into the direction we're headed now as a company. A diverse, multi-functional, creative ecosystem dedicated to the betterment of food media.


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