Bringing Balkan Food to Brooklyn

Saving Burek

It all started when Ariana approached her aunt Alida with a simple idea—to teach her how to make traditional Albanian recipes in honor of her late grandmother, Magbule. On Sundays, they found solace in baking together, reminiscing about her while bringing her recipes to life.

Photo By Doaa Elkady

How Do We Make This A Real Thing?

Ariana approached us at the Pilotworks Incubator program and pitched us her idea for Balkan Bites. Intrigued by this style of food and her dedication to preserving her cultural roots, we agreed to invest. We began consulting them weekly to develop a go-to-market strategy and create brand assets. Once we delivered the branding, Ariana was off to the races, creating pop-up experiences and selling wholesale to cafe's all around NYC.

Columbus Circle 2019
"Working with Garnish was a blast! They were super collaborative and helped me crystallize my vision and bring my brand to life." - Ariana Malushi, Founder
Custom Butcher Paper
Photo by Doaa Elkady

What They Need Now

They have been selling their frozen burek wholesale & retail on a shoe-string budget and need to evolve their packaging. We've worked with them on their logo and initial launch assets & have sinced worked with on their latest packaging.

Let's make this thing happen!

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