Garnish Family Meals: Rice Party!

Welcome to the new Garnish Studios!

We've had a lofty journey of studio spaces – from the back corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the main drag of Williamsburg and now neatly tucked away by the water in Greenpoint. This location is by far our favorite spot yet.

📍33 Noble Street - Come swing by!

After many months of tireless furniture sourcing and assembly work, we finally got it looking snazzy enough to welcome in our friends and clients. Instead of a traditional studiowarming event, we decided to welcome Garnish's neighborhood arrival with a potluck-style Rice Party.

Tables full of rice dishes - potluck style 🤤

What is a Rice Party you ask? Well, let us enlighten you!

Essentially, we invited everyone to bring a dish or drink that used rice as an ingredient! Rice may be small in stature but has an impressive reach that expands across many cultures and cuisines. We’re talking fried rice, risotto, rice pudding, jambalaya, musubi, horchata, makgeolli – the list can go on and on.

It may be a bold statement, but this particular party might have been the closest thing to world peace we’ll witness in our lifetime.

@drinklunar @drinkmakku @drinksanzo @drinkhalmi

Amongst the spread of rice-based dishes were our generous drink sponsors for the evening: Sanzo, Halmi, Lunar, and Mákku.

We want to thank each one for not only donating their delicious products but also for representing the AAPI community so successfully!

Our friends Colton, Halmi founder Hannah, and Derek!

The Rice Party potluck was a night of full bellies and full hearts.
There is no better way to share quality time with a group of people than chatting over delicious food brought together to the table.

We wanted to provide that safe, intimate space for people while also connecting together within the food and beverage/and creative industry.

Wen-Jay from Local Roots and Jackie from Welcome to Chinatown 🫶

Until the next one — See you there :-)

"Thank you everyone for coming out to our very first event! Hopefully we can do it more often for different occasions! It's been a dream to give back to our creative community in this way." -Thi
Thi and his auntie, Hao 🥹

Like our space for an event?! Send an email to to book now :)

Our Sanzo model, Abby!

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