The Gang Makes 100 Plates of Pasta

Garnish Studios was tasked to create 100 different pasta dishes & burgers in 2 days. Crammed into a NYC apartment during a snowstorm, we made it happen! But why? Why would a boutique food & beverage content studio need to make that much food? What type of client would ask for such a ridiculous amount of photos?

Answer: A secret ghost kitchen based in San Francisco.

Yes, you heard right! A ghost kitchen. But what is a ghost kitchen? Well, we can't speak for all of them but here is what we know about our client. Their business model is to create fake brands (ex: Bobby's Big Fat Burger Joint, PastaTownUSA) and take over Grubhub, Doordash, & Uber Eats. All these fake restaurants will have beautifully captured menus (thanks to us!) and super great customer service. The twist is, the food is actually being made at a local restaurant nearby & not "Bobby's Big Fat Burger Joint" (because it doesn't actually exist). You might ask yourself, why doesn't the local burger spot just make their own menu look better on these delivery platforms? Well...8/10 times these local mom & pop shops can't afford premium content.

But do you know who can? Tech people from San Fran who have 2 million dollars in the bank!

There is an upside to this ladies and gentlemen. Mom & pop burger joints can make 30% more income through delivery services with the help of ghost kitchen brands handling all the tech & content for them. Pretty decent trade off I'd say. But at the same service fees are destroying any margin that these small local restaurants had left. (This could be a whole new article, don't even get me started)

If you are a local Mom & Pop restaurant, please hit our line, let's work together so we can make YOU look good & not "Bob's Fat Burger Joint" ;)

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