What's In My Mouth This Month?!

Every month, our staff members discuss our favorite CPG products we tried. Now, in case you are not well-versed in the world of acronyms, CPG stands for consumer packaged goods – which essentially covers a wide range of consumables such as snacks, condiments, beverages, and a smörgåsbord of other treats that you would typically find lining the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store. Being folks who live and breathe the food and beverage industry, we consider ourselves VERY qualified to tell you our opinions (even though absolutely no one asked)!!! Stay tuned as we spill the beans on our latest discoveries and maybe give you some ideas for your next shopping trip!

Califia Farms: Holiday Nog


I was wandering through the refrigerated aisle in my local grocery store when my eyes caught a glimpse of Califia Farm's Holiday Nog. The sight of a holiday product on the shelves [in October] resulted in a combination of joy, curiosity, and abject horror. But nevertheless, I placed it in my shopping cart without a second thought. You see, I'm one of those rare individuals who enjoys egg nog, but as I've grown older, my tummy has become less forgiving of dairy. So the ability to drink something similar to egg nog without the explosive diarrhea aftereffect is a MAJOR win. I put some in my coffee, expecting to be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised how it tasted exactly like regular egg nog – it's creamy and rich with just the right amount of spice. No need for dairy or eggs when you've got Califia Farm's Holiday Nog!

- Taylor, Senior Producer

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Talea: Dirndl Dunkel Lager

$18.00 (4-Pack)

At the risk of being known as the office drunk, this month presents yet another fermented brew – Talea’s Dirndl Dunkel Lager. For the uninitiated, a dunkel lager is a dark, German-style lager known for its smooth, malty flavor, and dirnd is that weird dress women wear at Oktoberfest celebrations and bier halls. I'll be honest and tell you this beer is underwhelming by itself – it's a bit thin in flavor and doesn't have any wow factor off the first gulp. However, my girlfriend (Hi Laura, love you!) recommended I sip on it while snacking on charcuterie board staples like salami, cheese, crackers, and a malaise of other bougie shit. As usual, my girlfriend was right – a depth of flavor revealed itself I hardly thought possible or dared to dream of. Some could say my tastebuds were touched by an angel and my mind was embraced by a cherub's wing. Suddenly, I felt the overwhelming urge to buy a Volkswagen, drive to an underground nightclub, bleach my hair, and eat large smoked sausages. In conclusion, Talea's Dirndl Dunkel Lager is a decent beer. Give it a try!

- Derek, Editor

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Geem: Spicy Seaweed Snack

$23.99 (6-Pack)

If you are Korean like me, you understand how addictive dried seaweed is. So when I came across Geem (which cleverly means dried seaweed in Korean), I knew it would transport me right back to my childhood. Very excitedly, I ripped open a bag of Geem's Spicy Seaweed Snack and popped a sizeable seaweed square into my mouth. Before I knew it, the bag was empty – I had inhaled the whole thing in less than 30 seconds. The umami bomb of the crunchy ocean grass made me recall the seaweed bites my mom would feed me before catching the morning school bus. If you grew up eating seaweed, I cannot stress enough how nostalgic this snack makes you feel. But if you didn't, and are a bit wary of trying dried seaweed, Geem is the perfect introductory product. Geem's Spicy flavor is my personal favorite, but the Salty and Sweet flavors are also worthy of praise. For maximum flavor impact, I suggest trying it with a lil scoop of rice, egg, and sesame oil!

- Ella, Junior Producer

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Yuzuco: Yuzu Super Juice


Uncomplicated in its essence, Yuzuco's Yuzu Super Juice can be paired with almost everything – which is how it rightfully secured some prime real estate in our overcrowded, half-sized studio fridge. For those unfamiliar with the Yuzu fruit, it is famed for its high vitamin C concentration and antioxidant superpower, surpassing the ordinary lemon by a striking 3x. To avoid becoming an incubus of viral plague, I've decided to splash some Yuzu Super Juice in with my coconut water and creatine to create an immunity-boosting version of a sports drink (lol). But if you're a regular smchegular person, you can use it for marinades, cocktails, smoothies, or anything you think deserves a little yuzu spritz! 

- Thi, Founder

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Cabi: Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso


If the adorable Veggie Tale-like branding doesn't entice you, the flavor of Cabi's Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso should! After months of lusting over the packaging, I finally purchased one of their sauces to see if it was as amusing as its packaging. Let me be the first to tell you that this product was so insanely delicious that I put it on all my meals for a week straight. The peppercorns bring a unique kick to the table – toggling between realms of citrusy brightness and tingly heat. After the zippiness of the pepper subsides, the umami-rich miso brings punches of fermented goodness that could make anyone a fan. The combination of sweet and savory miso with the zippy sansho peppercorn creates a harmony I have yet to see in many grocery store condiments. Try it on any seasonal fall vegetables or salmon dishes!

- Hazel, Design Intern

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McDonald's: Sweet & Spicy Jam


Last weekend, I was running errands in the city, and toward the end of my journey, I felt a grumble in my lower abdomen. My bank account was giving major 'we got food at home' energy, but I needed something small to hold me over. On my way to the train, there it was…. a McDonalds! While scrolling through the kiosk, I saw they have 2 new sauces – the Mamba and the Sweet and Spicy Jam. I really wanted to try the Mamba, but it reminded me of Kobe Bryant, and to avoid being sad for the rest of the day, I went with the Sweet & Spicy. True to its title, it had a sweet and spicy flavor with a vinegar kick and a decent dose of heat. Although it's a bit thick for my liking, the Sweet & Spicy Jam is most certainly a unique and flavorful sauce. I recommend trying it out before it's gone!

- Koozy, Production Intern

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