What’s In My Mouth This Month?!

Every month, our staff members discuss our favorite CPG products we tried. Now, in case you're not well-versed in the world of acronyms, CPG stands for consumer packaged goods – which essentially covers a wide range of consumables such as snacks, condiments, beverages, and a smorgasbord of other treats that you'd typically find lining the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store. Being folks who live and breathe the food and beverage industry, we consider ourselves VERY qualified to tell you our opinions (even though absolutely no one asked)!!! Stay tuned as we spill the beans on our latest discoveries and maybe give you some ideas for your next shopping trip!

Olipop: Banana Cream Soda

Price: $35.66 (12-pack)

Olipop's Banana Cream Soda brings me back to being a kid – the taste is surprising yet so nostalgic! As a Southerner who has eaten his fair share of banana pudding, this product comes pretty close to the real thing. The soda is smooth and creamy but still refreshing due to the carbonation. As a 31-year-old guy trying to stay fit, eating pudding every week clearly won't fly…so this gut-friendly, prebiotic banana cream soda definitely hits the spot for now.

- Thi, Founder

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Gotham Greens: Green Goddess Dressing & Dip

Price: $8.99

Oooof this dressing is SO good. I'm usually not one to use premade salad dressings (mainly because I think homemade ones are superior), but this Green Goddess Dressing & Dip from Gotham Greens exceeded all my expectations! Most salad dressings are full of artificial flavors, fillers, and gums, but this one is super clean ingredient-wise and full of bright, vibrant flavors. I highly, highly recommend it!

- Taylor, Senior Producer

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Fila Manila: Coconut & Ube Spread

$45.00 (3-Pack)

If you are craving something sweet, look no further! This ooey-gooey Coconut & Ube Spread is dangerously addictive. My personal go-to lately has been spreading it on rice crackers, but you can enjoy it straight from the nozzle hehe. The best part is that it's packaged in a beautifully branded squeezable tube, making it the kind of product for us on-the-go NYers. 

- Ella, Junior Producer

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Genesse: Cream Ale

$14.39 (12-Pack)

Genesee Cream Ale stands as one of the great cheap American beers. Genesee Cream Ale – or Genny Cream as it is known to its fans – is a staple of the Western and Southern tier regions of New York. This delightful wobbly pop came into my life while I was attending college out in the sticks. My friends and I could often enjoy a can with a garbage plate (Rochester’s official dish) or a basket of wings (they don’t call them buffalo wings in Buffalo, just wings). Easily drinkable with its characteristic cream ale mouth feel, no beer strikes as much nostalgic joy into my heart as a frosty can of Genny Cream. Having recently been to the Adirondacks where the beer is more readily available, I was sure to stock up for the winter to help soothe my soul in the coming cold months.

- Derek, Editor

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Good & Gather: Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce


Good & Gather Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce is a great-tasting, quick, and easy meal prep option. This sauce has an insane amount of value and versatility (so much so that I made four meals with a single jar). It's a great way to switch up your meal rotation and add variety to your meal prep. Be sure to grab a jar on your next Target trip! PS: It's a particularly great pairing with Trader Joe's Garlic Naan ;)

- Koozy, Production Intern

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Mad Rose: Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


I love vinegary/ pickle-y snacks, and these Mad Rose Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have recently become one of my pantry staples. I have tried many of the supermarket and small-batch shop brands, and most of them include ingredients that muddy or mask the flavor of the artichokes. However, the ones from Mad Rose are fancied up enough that you can still taste the artichoke flavor. Perfect for salads, apertivo hour, or a good old-fashioned girl dinner!

- Hazel, Design Intern

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