The Haus They Built

Producing, Cinematography, Color Grading, Editing

After a busy and hectic 2020, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves deep in the Sonoma valley to film the new DTC heavyweights, Haus.

We were greeted by these two farm dogs as we pulled in our car.

It was the two Bernese Mountain dogs who greeted us as we pulled the car into their unpaved driveway, their rooster Chuck who interrupted our interview every 15 minutes or so, it was hearing Woody and Helena geeking out over organic farming practices and startup life in Silicon Valley. It's not everyday you meet founders that live and breathe their brand so authentically.

Inside the house of Haus
We left with some bottles that night :)
Chatting with Helena
Touring the grape farm

The shoot ended but we didn't feel rushed to leave. They poured us a glass of Haus and turned on some music. We sat and talked in their enclosed patio til the sun went down. Maybe that's what Haus is all about? Giving yourself permission to slow down & to treat yourself too while you're at it.

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