Perfect is Overrated

Misfits Market
Creative Direction, Photography, Prop Styling, Cinematography. Post Production

Oh great, another subscription box service targeting millennials and luring them in with organic and sustainable food options? Come on! It’s more than that! Misfits Market saves imperfect vegetables and fruits from being thrown away and delivers them straight to your door! They buy produce from farmers that can’t sell to grocery stores due to their vegetables' wonky features. Ugly veggies need love too! We developed the creative direction and set the tone for all of their social and national TV presence (Hello Good Morning America!). We developed, produced and curated visual assets for their organic social channels and paid ads. The challenge was to provide a year's worth of content in just a few months. We accomplished this with in-depth and strategic pre-production. Modular approaches to production allowed us to build multiple ads for Misfits to deploy rapidly. If this seems a bit jargon-y, please give us a call and we can break it down for you! 

Little Misfits

Little Misfits was a youtube pilot about kids learning about sustainable foods and bio-dynamic farming. The footage from the shoot was so endearing that Good Morning America used majority of our footage during their food waste segment. Sorry Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest, our content was just too cute.

Amish Farms

The Garnish Team took a family trip to Spring Run, Pennsylvania to document one of the organic Amish farms that partners with Misfits Market. The goal was to create content around Misfit Market's promise to working with small organic farms. Not a hard ask, so we thought.

Coats and hats of the Amish

We found out we weren't allowed to film the actual Amish Farmers or have their voice recorded the day we arrived on site. This was an interesting challenge, since interviewing an Amish farmer and hearing their experience with Misfits Market was the entire goal of the shoot.

However, the farm owners were nice enough to let us roam around and collect b-roll for the Misfits content catalog. We figured we could use what we got for organic social posts, quick paid ads with text overlay. and email marketing collateral. So not a total lost.

Fresh colorful beets pulled straight from the ground.

Jim Crawford came to the rescue! Who else could tell their story better than their representative, Jim Crawford? He manages relationships between the farmers and companies like Misfits Market, as they do not use cell phones or computers for communication. We managed to snag him for a quick chat and his wholesome-self saved our video.

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