The Hub of Food Startups

Producing, Cinematography, Storytelling, Color Grading, Editing

The Hub for Food Startups

Pilotworks operates high-fidelity culinary incubators across the United States. The company provides specialized products and services to food community entrepreneurs to help them bring new companies and ideas to market. Ideas like Keepers.

We knew we needed to be a part of this program but didn’t have the funds to pay for kitchen space.

So we bartered... I would film any food content they wanted in exchange for kitchen time and mentorship, which ultimately led to the funding of our first labs project. Pilotworks was the heartbeat of the food startup scene. Their mission was to make the barrier of entry to become an entrepreneur less taxing. I believed in their vision and wanted to help as many startups compete with nationally distributed brands and in a way, this place is what sparked the idea for Garnish Studios.

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