The MET Gala of Food and Beverage (Garnish Family Meals: Rice Party Pt.2 !)

Welcome back to Garnish Family Meals: Rice Party Edition! 

After our first Rice Party last year in 2022, we knew we had to go for round two 🤩

Our Iron Rice Challenge champ, RANCE!

If you are not familiar with Rice Party — It’s essentially a big family potluck with every attendee to contribute a dish/drink that uses rice as an ingredient! Think rice cakes, rice crispies, jambalaya, sake, horchata… the list goes on 🍚

We like to call it … “The Met Gala of Food and Beverage” (sorry not sorry for the overstatement 🤭)

SO MUCH RICE! (No complaints though)

We built up everyone’s excitement with our initial announcement video along with Hazel's (Design Intern) beautiful graphics ✨

Adding on, we gathered our friends from the Beverage Avengers and got their help to sponsor the event — It can’t be a Garnish Family Meal party without refreshments! 

A very special thank you to Halmi, Bawi, Narra, Jumo, Lunar, and Màkku 🫶

These refreshments were much needed to push down all the carbs that were consumed during the night! 

Our friends enjoying Narra + Jumo 🥴
More refreshments from Bawi, Halmi, and Màkku 🙌
And lastly, Lunar 🥂

Needless to say, the hype was REAL. 

The room was filled with new and old faces, food covered our tables entirely, and the vibes were just ✨immaculate✨. Who would not be happy stuffing your belly with carbs though?

Huge turnout!!!

Thi (Founder, Creative Director) also started a new segment of the event: The Iron. Rice. Challenge 🔥

We had two people participate in each round to hold up two 20lbs bags of rice that tested their endurance of RICE POWER. The crowd went wild and it was the most energy we had in our studio ever. Thi always knows how to bring up the energy in the room 😤

Our contestants 💪

We can confidently say that the second annual Rice Party was a huge success! 

Like every event held at our studio, we are always honored to be able to host community-building events, especially by sharing a meal together. 

Lots of luv from the Garnish fam 💚 Not pictured: Taylor 🥲

We hope to continue sharing our love for food and beverage with those who have the same heart — For more to come and to be continued! 

Finished the night with some karaoke 💖

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